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My love for shoes goes on..

1 Mar

I’m quite stressed with work yesterday so I’ve decided to go mall hopping right after the clock ticked 5.30.. Window shopping somehow is my stress reliever. I feel happy whenever I see fabulous shoes and dresses plus I get to check the trendiest items in store. I thought I would just end up as a window shopper until I spotted this crazy wedges from MAGS that left me drooling and not wanting to leave without having the shoes with me. So I finally decided to purchase them. Blame it on my love for shoes. :p Another addition to my 20 something pair. Few ones which I don’t already remember. Nyahaha. So infact  I was even torn between the colors. I first saw the black and blue version which were pretty too. The red wasn’t on display. Good thing I asked the friendly attendant if red is available and she said yes. Woah. It took me 30 minutes or so to choose between black and red. Both are patent which really added beauty to the shoe plus its a wedge! I was about to choose black since I can pair it with just about anything. I got that advice too from the friendly attendant. But after thinking much, I finally settled for red. And the verdict : red is the prettiest. 🙂  I opted for red since I don’t have a comfy red shoe at all. I have a red suede from Collezione but the shoe doesn’t fit right but still I insisted on wearing them. A good example of Fashion over Comfort eh? Anyway, so I’m already excited to wear them the soonest. First thing that crossed into my brain was to wear it with black leggings, red sweetheart long top, a black blazer, a big bag and loaded with piles of accessories. Simple go to outfit actually. See me in them soon!

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1 Mar

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