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Thanks MARIS!

24 Mar

I’ve been on blogging hiatus for a few days.  😦 Sorry for being so busy. Been fed up with a lot of pressures from work, home, married life and motherhood.

Anyway, special thanks to MARISONLINE for this “My other bag is CHANEL” tote. This post has been requested for quite awhile and now I had the chance to post it.

I wore this during an ordinary evening spent with my relatives and loved ones. I opted to be in the comfiest look I can.

By the way, the dress was from MARYKAYCOLLECTIONS which I got last year when I was still pregnant. I’m glad I can still able to wear it fabulously without the tummy bulging out.

A very quick post for now. It’s getting late and my dear hubby is calling me to sleep. Bye!




Can’t live without

17 Mar

I just wanna share to you my love for this 2 gadgets that never fails to complete my day.

First, my Ipod touch which will celebrate its first birthday this May. 🙂 A product of my incentive, this gadget allows me to check my mail, chat with my friends in FB and YM, surf and check the latest updates of my favorite blogs and online shops, check the latest bids in my online store and more. Well mainly, its purpose is really on the internet side. I just plug its headphone whenever I’m travelling or watch movies and videos when I’m bored to death. It’s so handy I always have it along with me. Honestly, I’ve been eyeing on this for months. My gay friend bought this gadget and I felt soo jealous afterwards that I just can’t take it out of my head. LOL. So I really sacrificed my first incentive with this gadget.

I also love its touchscreen and swipe interface features. I’ve been really inlove with touchscreens. My previous phone was actually a MOTOROLA full touchscreen. I just forgot its unit name but I sell it after 2 years I guess. So back with my Ipod Touch, I’m in quest for a great casing. I actually saw cases from Apple Store but they’re quite expensive for an effing case. Mygasshhh. Well that’s just my opinion but I guess a 1,500 bucks is not practical for a case. So now I’m just dressing it up with this hot pink gel case from Graphic all-in-store. Then I beautified it with swarovki stickers just last week. I’m really dying to have its case customized with swarovkis. I badly want it but I have to fly to Manila to have that. Well, soon.

Second, my white polka Lenovo netbook which I got just last January. One day, I just realized that I really need a handy netbook to edit photos for my shop,update my blog, surf the internet in a much wider screen and do all stuffs that I seem to miss in my Ipod Touch. After receiving my maternity reimbursement, I readily got this notebook to complete my day. Now I’m tagging it along with me in the office. I’m so happy with its color. It’s what I’ve really wanted. My preference was either white or pink. Just between the two. I saw a pink one in Acer but I fell inlove with Lenovo’s shape so I chose this.

Aside from its handy and beautiful, it also has 2 special buttons featured in its keyboard. The One Key Recovery feature for recovering lost files and Self defined program setting where you could easily open files and even open web addresses.

The screen and keyboard is also very neat to look at. Call me “maarte” but I really make sure that my hands are clean before I get my fingers on them. And whenever someone borrows, I would really instruct them to clean their hand first. LOL. I simply wanna maintain its dainty and neat color. I also beautified it with hot pink swarovskis just like my Ipod touch. I just did’nt overdo it. I simply patterned a lining with the swarovkis. I hope they’re more beautiful with the swarovkis on.  🙂

And the next thing that I’m eyeing on? Either a DSLR camera or a Blackberry Phone. Gosh I really want them both. So I have to save bucks eh? Well I know I’m really on a tight budget since I now have a kid to feed. And it would really left me fainted everytime she visits her pedia monthly for her immunization. I just have to spare 5k for that. Woah! Everything is really expensive nowadays. So help me God! Nyahahaha. I’m pretty sure I’ll get my hands on my dream DSLR and Blackberry soon. Don’t worry I’ll blog about it! 🙂

Hope everyone’s having a great time. That’s all for now!



PREVIEW : 48th | Perfumed Clothing Collection

16 Mar

Give way for the 48th Collection tonight at 8PM. It’s a date! See yah!

Here’s a preview of what to expect later.

Fab pieces at fairly affordable prices.


Going polka dots

15 Mar

This dress speaks of trendy and comfy. No wonder this got sold right away. 🙂 Aside from its polka details, it’s also denimlike thus giving an edgy look. I simply paired it with my short-sleeved button-down floral cardigan. I’ve been looking for a perfect timing to wear this until yesterday. Just before I let go of this polka dress. 🙂

Hope everyone is having a good time.


wearing vintage floral cardigan, polka denim dress, vintage stretchy belt


12 Mar

Here’s a preview of our 47th : ALL THAT GLITTERS COLLECTION making waves tonight at 8PM, March 12 2011. It’s a date!! See yah lovelies!!


I <3 Cute Guys

8 Mar

wearing top from Zara, jeggings from Singapore, online buy white oxfords

So do the title says… And my hubby raised an eyebrow right away. “It’s just the shirt”.. I assured him. Haha!
This statement top from Zara is very comfy to wear. It’s actually for sale at my shop and got sold right away. 🙂
I wore this while running on errands.
The days are usually boring. Need something to cheer up my senses. Maybe a vacay or go shopping perhaps?

Anyhoo, show some love for the 46th TWINKS COLLECTION releasing tonight at 8PM. Drool over our fab yet cheap pieces.

See yah!


My love for shoes goes on..

1 Mar

I’m quite stressed with work yesterday so I’ve decided to go mall hopping right after the clock ticked 5.30.. Window shopping somehow is my stress reliever. I feel happy whenever I see fabulous shoes and dresses plus I get to check the trendiest items in store. I thought I would just end up as a window shopper until I spotted this crazy wedges from MAGS that left me drooling and not wanting to leave without having the shoes with me. So I finally decided to purchase them. Blame it on my love for shoes. :p Another addition to my 20 something pair. Few ones which I don’t already remember. Nyahaha. So infact  I was even torn between the colors. I first saw the black and blue version which were pretty too. The red wasn’t on display. Good thing I asked the friendly attendant if red is available and she said yes. Woah. It took me 30 minutes or so to choose between black and red. Both are patent which really added beauty to the shoe plus its a wedge! I was about to choose black since I can pair it with just about anything. I got that advice too from the friendly attendant. But after thinking much, I finally settled for red. And the verdict : red is the prettiest. 🙂  I opted for red since I don’t have a comfy red shoe at all. I have a red suede from Collezione but the shoe doesn’t fit right but still I insisted on wearing them. A good example of Fashion over Comfort eh? Anyway, so I’m already excited to wear them the soonest. First thing that crossed into my brain was to wear it with black leggings, red sweetheart long top, a black blazer, a big bag and loaded with piles of accessories. Simple go to outfit actually. See me in them soon!

xoxo <3,