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16 Feb

Random floral blazer, Buttondown denim skirt, F&H top, thrifted velvet belt

Something so casual yet smart on a Valentines day. I bought the floral blazer weeks ago until I had the chance to finally wear it. The denim button-down skirt is  one of my favorites. Its hip-hugging and high-waisted. It was previously for sale but no one noticed its beauty so I’ve decided to have them for keeps. 🙂

Love day turned out so great for me and hubby. We ate and dine at the nearest posh restaurant and afterwards sip in few bottles of beer with an acoustic background at a famous roadside  bar. We ended up at around 1am and headed home. Sad thing I wasn’t able to take pictures during the night.


‘cos it’s LOVE day

16 Feb

“Love is the emblem of eternity: it confounds all notion of time: effaces all memory of a beginning, all fear of an end.”- Germaine De Stael

My sweet hubby surprised me with a special delivery in the office. A red rose plus a medium sized heart chocolate moist cake topped with little milk candies. It caught me teary-eyed as I was only expecting a gift later that night but it turned out a little different. I love how my hubby never fails to swept off my feet even if we’re already married. The *kilig factor* is still there. ❤

And the real Valentine present was a GUESS wallet. He must have noticed my old and torn one eh?

Thanks again baby! You made my day. I love you now and always. 🙂

Full Preview | 43rd LOVE COLLECTION

16 Feb

Prices and details to be posted later at Cherieloves2shop online store.

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16 Feb

Here’s a preview of our 43rd LOVE Collection coming out tonight February 16, 2011 at 8PM! A post Valentine Collection loaded with dresses, bustiers, shorts, tops and more plus our previous items already on sale. Don’t miss this! See yah later loves!

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Know me better

15 Feb

Before I fully spread my wings on the blogosphere world, I guess it’s able to spill out some random facts about me for readers to know me a lot better. Top 15 random facts. Here we go..

1. I am a young wife and mom doing an 8-5 in a corporate industry for almost two years now.

2. I am a Journalism Graduate but a Marketing Coordinator by profession.

3. I ran Cherieloves2shop online store and it just turned a year older last December.

4. This blog is an expression of who I am, my fashion sense and style, my everyday ramblings and everything in between.

5. Aside from my hubby and daughter, my love belongs to shoes, clothes, bags and accessories. Don’t ask me why.. 🙂

6. I am afraid of lizards and cockroaches!

7. I don’t know how to cross the street. Embarrassing but true.

8. I own more than 15 pairs of shoes. My most treasured one is a pair of gray pumps from Christian Louboutin.

9. My cheapest thrill is going Ukay hunting. Smile reaches my ears everytime  I can score on something fab.

10. I adore bloggers more than celebrities.

11. I am admittedly vain.

11.  My greatest wish is to travel in Paris with my hubby and kid to witness its breathtaking view.

12. My favorite go-to outfits are cropped denim shorts, comfy tee,doll shoes and a blazer paired with piles of accessories.

13. I can’t last a day without my Lenovo white netbook, apple itouch, Sanyo camera and nokia phone.

14. My make-up essentials : eyeshadow, lipstick and eyelash curler.

15. I’m looking forward to migrating in Canada with my family soon.


11 Feb

Ataui from Ruckus

I’ve been longing to own a cross necklace for quite a time and now I finally have one! Thanks to Nikki of RUCKUS ACCESSORIES. Her collections are adorable.

I will sport these lovies real soon. I’m so excited.

And these were actually my choices but they sold out real fast. How sad. 😦

They’re so fierce right?

Anyway, Thanks again Nikki! Check her collections HERE.


10 Feb

I absolutely love this chiffon floral tube dress. Chiffons and sheers are back! No wonder because wearing them feels so neat and dainty. I simply paired a colored cardigan and a mocha belt to add a pop of color.

Anyhow, I’m trying of doing another hair color pretty soon. I want something more bold and visible. Haha. What color do you think best suits me?