Lazy day

23 Feb

I need to dress up in less than 30 minutes so this was what I came up with. No ironing done. I often deal with impromptu looks on my usual days since I’m often lazy to plan the night before nor iron them beforehand. That’s why every morning you often see me rushing and I still manage to be late from my 5-minute ride to the office. Waah Boo!

Anyhow, you’ll often see me with this kind of look on my effortless days. I just grabbed leggings, a nice top and a good cardi or blazer to top it off.

It was such a quite tiring day.

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xoxo <3,

Wearing thrifted cardigan, lace long top,           black zippered leggings from SM, online buy white oxfords

My crazy colleague fooling around behind my back. I didn’t realize he was actually there until I click my camera’s preview button. Haha.  I often steal some outfit shots in the office when no one is around.. Ssshhh. That’s a little secret. 🙂


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