Leopard footsies

22 Feb

I love animal prints. From tops to bodycons to shoes. My first leopard pair was a stilleto in full leopard. I got them 2 years back and I have worn them twice. Funny how I still love to own another pair infact I seldom wear them.

And this is my blue flat leopards. They give that desired comfort I need during rush hours.  I shift to flats from high heels whenever I need to speed up a client’s concern. And this is a current favorite. 🙂

My lace-up platforms with leopard highlights. It fits just right.  I’m quite amazed on how comfy are they despite their towering heels. Hopefully they won’t give me blisters during long walks.

Since I can’t resist having my own leopards, I definitely got this 2 pairs last week. 🙂

And this is the most common leopard shoe seen in almost every blog. I myself wanna own a pair but I doubt if I can wear them in the office without eyes glaring at me. Haha! As if telling “how many tigers’ skin have you spared to produce that one pair?”

And I’m drooling over this Christian Louboutins version of leopards.. o_o We seldom see blue leopards but ain’t they eye-catching? I wish I can see a similar shoe from other stores. I can’t yet afford another CL.

Bloggers sporting their leopard footsies..


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