Know me better

15 Feb

Before I fully spread my wings on the blogosphere world, I guess it’s able to spill out some random facts about me for readers to know me a lot better. Top 15 random facts. Here we go..

1. I am a young wife and mom doing an 8-5 in a corporate industry for almost two years now.

2. I am a Journalism Graduate but a Marketing Coordinator by profession.

3. I ran Cherieloves2shop online store and it just turned a year older last December.

4. This blog is an expression of who I am, my fashion sense and style, my everyday ramblings and everything in between.

5. Aside from my hubby and daughter, my love belongs to shoes, clothes, bags and accessories. Don’t ask me why.. 🙂

6. I am afraid of lizards and cockroaches!

7. I don’t know how to cross the street. Embarrassing but true.

8. I own more than 15 pairs of shoes. My most treasured one is a pair of gray pumps from Christian Louboutin.

9. My cheapest thrill is going Ukay hunting. Smile reaches my ears everytime  I can score on something fab.

10. I adore bloggers more than celebrities.

11. I am admittedly vain.

11.  My greatest wish is to travel in Paris with my hubby and kid to witness its breathtaking view.

12. My favorite go-to outfits are cropped denim shorts, comfy tee,doll shoes and a blazer paired with piles of accessories.

13. I can’t last a day without my Lenovo white netbook, apple itouch, Sanyo camera and nokia phone.

14. My make-up essentials : eyeshadow, lipstick and eyelash curler.

15. I’m looking forward to migrating in Canada with my family soon.


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