26 Nov

Another blog. A new style. And this is my very first entry. Blogging isn’t new to me. I’ve had blogspot and tumblr accounts way back but wasn’t able to maintain them. I hope this time would be different thinking I am constantly online updating my shop.

So what made me think of creating a new blog?

Well, 2010 has been a blow by blow year for me. All the events, duh-ramas, emotions, happiness, sadness rolled into one hella year. I got a full blast and a life full of marathon. I got reassigned in my job, got married, relocated from home, delivered a healthy baby girl, got a number of customers in my online shop to name a few. Though young at 23, I can say I’m proud to have been able to surpass all these life changing experiences. My previous blog entries focus solely on love for fashion, travel, clothes and shoes and bags. But this time, I guess I have more interesting and reasonable to blog about. My life as a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a seller and a stylista. So would that be a good reason for a new blog? 🙂


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